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Coronavirus: Should I cancel my destination wedding in Crete?

It is a fact that these days, the whole of humanity is now confronted with an invisible enemy called coronavirus. It is an unprecedented situation for all of us and now more than ever we must all show maturity and responsibility for us and for all who we love. As you can understand, the wedding industry cannot be left unaffected by this whole situation. Many of you were planning to travel to your favourite destination to get married with loved ones, but given the situation you might not be able to do so.

Of course I cannot talk about all the wedding destinations, but I can give some advice to all couples who have planned their wedding in Crete, since I live and work here.

1. First of all, I’d like to tell you not to panic and not to worry. Stress never helps, especially at a time when we all have to be perfectly healthy in order to be able to cope with this difficult situation. Spend more time with your fiancé, try to relax and just make sure you’re in constant contact with your wedding planner. Rest assured that all wedding planners and wedding professionals always try to do our best for all couples.

2. If your wedding is scheduled for April or May, you do not need to cancel it, but you should discuss with your wedding planner the possibility of changing the date and moving it to summer or even early autumn to be sure. So far in Crete and throughout the country, things seem to be under control(right now), so we remain optimistic and believe that it is very likely that after the end of April the situation will normalise.

3. Perhaps you should consider that there is the possibility of making some significant changes to your wedding, such as the number of guests or the change of location depending on the available dates, even the fact that some of your guests may not be able to be next to you that day. In any case, we are at your disposal and we are always flexible so that we can do our best for all couples.

4. Stay home, stay safe and in any case you have to follow the instructions of the experts and of course the instructions of the government. The priority of all of us right now is to be healthy and safe.
Keep thinking positivelly, keep spending time with your fiance, keep staring at Pinteret and get ideas. We’ll be next to you and we’ll do our best to make your dream wedding in Crete and whole Grrece, a reality. Whether it is in May or September..
Until then, #stayhome #staysafe